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  • Have you ever thought about owning a firearm but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you intimidated by firearms and the culture surrounding them?
  • Are you confused by the incredible vast array of pistols, hunting rifles, assault rifles, and shotguns available?
  • Is looking stupid in front of experienced gun nuts a fear of yours?

Miami Gun Training Marcos AvellanHello, my name is Marcos Avellan, Head Instructor of Gun Training For Newbies.  I’m a retired professional fighter, martial arts black belt, self-defense expert, NRA certified firearms instructor, and have been training self-defense for close to twenty years.  Having been shot at and having been the victim of a home invasion, I have dedicated my life to helping people be able to defend themselves and their loved ones, which means knowing how to strike, grapple, and use weapons – especially firearms – but most importantly how to have the proper awareness and completely avoid conflict altogether.  I am not a gun nutI’m a regular guy who is a husband and father of three and wants to be able to defend his family.

Miami Gun Classes

If someone were to rape, torture, and kill your family – what would you pay to be able to stop that from happening?  $50,000?  $100,000?  The answer is probably everything you have.  There is gun training in Miami that can equip you with the tools to prevent such a crime… and the training won’t cost you everything you have… it won’t cost you $100,000… or $50,000…

South Florida Gun Training Classes

The Training That Could Save your family won’t cost $1,000… or $500… or $199… or $97…
right now, every week, we are providing Miami gun classes for FREE! 

No tricks or fine print – me and my team of certified NRA instructors are the only gun experts offering free gun training in south Florida.  You have absolutely nothing to lose by taking advantage of our free firearms training.

Why am I offering free gun classes in Miami?  To promote gun safety and to offer a place for total beginners to feel comfortable learning how to use their firearm amongst a group of peers just like them and with a friendly “regular guy” certified NRA instructor.  Another objective of the class is to provide potential first time gun buyers with plenty of information on what type of gun they should purchase based on what their self-defense concerns are.  Finally, I’m offering free gun classes in Miami as an intro to help promote my self-defense courses, NRA certified gun training classes, and my concealed weapons permit certifications at our Miami gun training facility.

Beginner Gun Training Miami

The FREE weekly south Florida gun classes are approximately 45 minutes long and cover the basics of handling a firearm.  Students learn how to load, fire, and unload popular revolvers and semi-automatic pistols in a very safe environment without any live ammo.  A quick gun cleaning lesson is taught as well.  If you prefer to do the class privately at your home or business, private sessions are available for a fee.

To setup an appointment for your free Miami gun class, please click on the image below to chat with one of our staff – we are available 24 hours a day! 

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Why do you need to call right now?  Because power hungry politicians promise they’re going to strip you of your right to protect yourself and your family with a firearm – right now is a pivotal opportunity to purchase a gun and learn how to use it.  Gun sales have hit record highs and for good reason – because the looming threat of “gun control” is real.  Historically, when it comes to gun laws in this country, they have always passed them proactively – meaning that if you bought the gun when it was legal, it will continue to keep its legal status.  For this reason, anyone who bought a machine gun before the 1986 full auto gun ban still legally owns their machine gun today.

Miami Firearm Training

Don’t think you have plenty of time and can buy a gun before the ban kicks in…  Right after the unfortunate mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, Senator Diane Feinstein led a charge to ban a plethora of important self-defense weapons – and as a result, upon civilians hearing the rumors of the gun ban vote, almost overnight, guns had been cleared off the racks!  You couldn’t buy certain guns ANYWHERE on the entire INTERNET – they were SOLD OUT!  Ammo vanished and the few boxes you could scavenge together were at apocalyptic rates!  This will happen again if a ban gets voted in – you won’t have time to scramble for the weapon you need – now is the time.  Imagine the stomach turning regret of ignoring this warning and leaving your family forever powerless to the evil will of rapists, thugs, home invaders, and other criminals.

concealed carry permit MiamiThere are so many different types of guns and manufacturers – where do you begin?  If you’re ignorant about guns, there can definitely be a paralysis of analysis with so many different options.  Which guns are considered the best concealed carry weapons or the best home defense weapons?  Which manufacturers make solid guns – and which ones should you avoid?  What is a fair price for the gun you want and where is the best place to get them?  I’ll gladly help you with all those questions.  I’ll start with answering a common question,“Can I get a decent gun for less than $200?”  The answer is YES – and I’ll share with you my recommendations if you’re on a tight budget.

Do you own a gun and have no idea how to load and fire it?  This is extremely NORMAL.  From the people I have polled, I have noticed that about 25% of gun owners in Miami have never fired their gun before.  Not knowing how to load, aim, and fire you gun is normal and I’ll fix that problem for you.

Did you learn about guns from your dad and are curious about learning the “official” procedures taught by major organizations such as the National Rifle Association (NRA)?   When I was 18 years old, I bought my first handgun with my dad.  My dad was not an instructor or experienced marksman – he was a regular guy that owned a handgun for self-defense.  He showed me common sense gun safety tips and the basics of firing a weapon – and I had felt very confident that I “knew” about guns for many years… until I started taking formal gun training courses.  When I took my first NRA course, that’s when I realized how little I actually knew.  If your training consists of a hand-me-down lesson from your dad or buddy – I recommend you take advantage of the Gun Training For Newbies Free Gun Class.

south florida gun training

Do you not know how to properly clean your gun?  Do you know that cleaning your firearm is a very important procedure for maintaining your gun?  Depending on how you do it, you could even ruin your gun!  Most importantly, a dirty gun can be the difference between life and death.

Miami pistol trainingDo you have a spouse that is totally against you owning a gun?  Bring him or her to our training for free!  I have been educating people on firearms for quite some time now – and I have “converted” many gun haters over the years.  From my experiences, I have never failed in converting a spouse – all it takes is educating them.  People always fear the unknown – once they get familiarized with guns, learn all the safety protocols, and fire the weapon at the range – their fear disappears.

Having been shot at and a victim of a home invasion, I understand the exposed feeling of being at the mercy of an animal with a gun.  It doesn’t matter where you live – there is a chance that you or your family may be attacked by a rapist, home invader, or other apathetic thugs.  You may live oblivious to the risk your family lives under every day – but just because you aren’t thinking about it doesn’t mean it isn’t a fact that your family may be the next horror story of the local news.

gun pointed at you-2

Protect your family – visualize this scenario…BOOM!!!  You hear a loud ear-popping bang, like a huge hardcover book just fell off the top of a bookcase, you then hear your spouse give a blood curdling scream – you instantly panic and fly over, knocking over furniture on the way there – and discover your door has been kicked in and your spouse is face down on the living room floor being tied up by one of three strange men wearing ski masks with rifles drawn… your kids are now coming in the room… one man has his rifle on you, another one is closing all the shades, and another man is tying up your screaming children.  It is nauseating and paralyzing to see your family tied up on the floor with zip ties while strangers with ski masks ransack your personal and private belongings while one monster stays with a rifle pointed at you while taking many long reaching glances at the shivering and sniffling girls of your family – all you can think about is “PLEASE DON’T HURT THEM!  PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! because there is nothing else you can do tied up on the floor– you are now begging, you’re at the total mercy of what could be the most evil freaks in the entire world who are actually taking pleasure with your suffering.  You should do everything possible to prevent you and your family from every being in this potentially life-ruining nightmare – and one important part of the solution is owning a firearm that you are proficient with.

The odds of being violently attacked, sexually assaulted, or home invaded in Miami is amongst the highest in the nation.  I’ve lived in Miami for over 30 years and have never been the victim of a violent crime or home invasion – my experiences getting shot and home invaded were not in Miami.  That being said, the statistics don’t lie:

home_invasion robbery

2013 Miami Crime (Projected Data)* Incidents
Aggravated Assault 2,303
Arson 0
Burglary 3,900
Forcible Rape 21
Larceny and Theft 11,606
Motor Vehicle Theft 1,723
Murder and Manslaughter 66
Robbery 1,738
Crime Rate (Total Incidents) 25,051
Property Crime 17,174
Violent Crime 4,128

*From cityrating.com

Don’t take for granted that just because you have lived here and haven’t been a victim of a violent crime yet that you are forever immune.  For your loved ones’ sake – you should always be prepared.

In Florida, you only have to be 18 years old to legally purchase a gun.  Assuming you are a legal resident and pass the background check, you only have to be 18 to legally purchase a firearm in Florida.  Some dealers may opt not to sell to someone that is younger than 21 for a variety of reasons – but legally speaking you only have to be 18 years old.  I’ll share with you different options for those that are 18-20 years old on how and where to legally purchase a firearm.

Miami Shooting Classes for KidsIf you are younger than 18, your parents can take you shooting.  For that reason, we recommend that families bring their kids along our gun training.  There are many reasons why it is beneficial for families to come with their children, such as: 1) Kids that are educated on gun safety are less likely to play with guns or have accidents with them… 2) Shooting sports are healthy hobbies for kids and have been taught by the Boy Scouts for years… 3) There have been many cases of kids defending themselves and their siblings during home invasion scenarios with their parents’ firearms.

You do not need any special permits to own a gun.  You do not need a permit to keep a gun in your home.  If you plan on carrying your weapon on you, then you will need a concealed weapons permit (which is easy to obtain in Florida) – but depending on how you store your gun, you don’t need a permit to carry a gun in your car.

Pistol Training Classes in Miami

It doesn’t matter if you’re tiny, elderly, a woman, or are confined to a wheel chair – a gun is the ultimate equalizer.  Samuel Colt, inventor of the revolver pistol, had this expression said about him after the American Civil War, “God made Man but Sam Colt made them equal…”  As a martial arts instructor, I will tell you that hand-to-hand combat training is great – but nothing is more critically important than having a gun and knowing how to use it.  You don’t need to lift weights, jog, hit the heavy bag, or even break a sweat to be able to defend yourself with deadly efficiency using your gun versus the biggest, strongest, and most fearsome fighters in the world.  This is why you’ll find all types of men and women at our newbie training.

Carrying a knife, stun gun, or mace is better than nothing – but it doesn’t compare to the simplicity, stopping power, and ability to handle multiple attackers that a firearm provides.  I cringe with a see a 5’2” 115lb woman carrying mace – if two 220lb male attackers were to charge her into an alley, I doubt she’ll be able to fend them both off.  A gun has a much quicker learning curve compared to a knife, it is much more lethal than a stun gun or mace, and it is much louder than any anti-rape whistle!

Below is VERY GRAPHIC video of a man defending his life with a firearm versus a crazed killer with a knife…
WARNING – VERY GRAPHIC!  However, if you have the stomach for it, I recommend watching it:

Do you think mace could have helped in that situation?

Miami gun safety class“But aren’t guns dangerous?  I have kids…”  The pistol sitting in my gun safe has never randomly discharged… it is the improper storage and handling of a firearm that is dangerous.  The first topic we cover in detail at Gun Training For Newbies is proper gun safety and the proper way to store your firearm – especially if you have kids.  If you follow our training, guns are very safe.

Do not seek out training from a buddy – or study on youtube – before checking out our newbie gun training.  Some people feel like they need to get a crash course before getting the courage to try my newbie training – nothing could be further from the truth.  First of all, learning from someone who isn’t a certified instructor can be potentially dangerous.  Second, you may learn bad habits that are going to contradict what I am going to teach you.  Just don’t worry, my class is designed for someone that doesn’t even know in which direction the bullet is supposed to face.

Don’t own a gun – no problem!  Come on over.  All the training is done with fake ammo and prop guns – even if you already owned a gun, you wouldn’t be allowed to bring it anyways.  As I mentioned earlier, you are better off coming over without owning a gun because you will leave with a great idea of what gun will be best for you.

Bring all your friends along – the more the merrier!  The training is free and you’ll feel more comfortable bringing your friends.  It will be something different to do as a gang and you’ll have a lot of laughs while doing it.  Most importantly though, you will all be learning a skill that may one day save lives.

You have no friends that want to goYou’ll get along with all the other newbies at the free training.  Everyone is there with a common interest – and they are all newbies.  Most of the time newbies at the event exchange phone numbers and emails and become friends and shooting partners at the range.

Miami gun range

Shooting is also an exciting, fun, and safe hobby to get into.  Rather than going drinking with the buddies or playing video games on the weekends – why not go shooting on a Friday night with a buddy or significant other?  It’s an addicting hobby… some people even get into amateur shooting competitions and even branch off into hunting.  I don’t compete in competitions or hunt, but I enjoy going with the wife to the gun range on Friday nights and shooting together.  We actually often double date at the range with co-workers, friends, and students from our club.

Are you thinking about pursuing a career in security, law enforcement, or the military?  Taking my free course will help you hit the ground running when you start the training process for your future career.  I have worked with many students prior to them becoming police officers, security guards, body guards, and military.

“I hear what you’re saying Marcos but I don’t believe in guns and I don’t need one…”  I am not going to start citing incident after incident of people who didn’t own guns because they “didn’t need it” and ended up having to watch their spouses and children get raped, tortured, and murdered.  The argument is too long and drawn out.  If your argument is that if guns didn’t exist you wouldn’t need to own a firearm (an assessment I don’t agree with)thenit’s forever a hypothetical argument because the FBI estimates that there are over 200 MILLION privately owned guns in the United States!  So although you may be a gun control advocate and want to lead by example by not owning a firearm – you should STILL learn how to use a gun.  Why?  Because what happens if the day comes that you do get attacked by an armed murderer?  You may end up having to charge and use physical force to disarm him of his gun – and what are you going to do if you gain control of his gun and do not know how to rack the weapon, aim, and fire?  What if the gun jams – would you know how to clear it?  Knowledge is power – no matter what your views are.  With over 200 million guns in this country, it only makes sense to be familiar with the basics – which is what my FREE gun class is going to cover for you.

Miami concealed carry permitThe ultimate exercise of your 2nd Amendment constitutional rights and your most serious level of personal protection is having your concealed weapons permit.  Getting your concealed weapons permit is a very easy process that takes less than two hours and requires no prior experience.  However, before taking a course for your concealed weapons permit, please put in your name, phone number, and email below to learn what you need to know about taking the concealed weapons course.

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